A BUDDING WRITER IN THE MAKING - a story from the Year 10 Semester 1 English Exam

The most recent exams for English had a composing prompt that was as follows:

  Question 12:
"O! I am Fortune's fool!" (Romeo and Juliet 3.1.133)

Write a narrative (or an excerpt from a narrative) that is inspired by this quote from Romeo and Juliet.

The following story of a conversation between two young knights was written by Year 10 student Reuben Jeffreys within the time allocated, the English Learning Area would like to share this with our community:

"O! I am Fortune's fool! To have suffered such tragedy on behalf of ridicule and content! Surely the Lord must jest!"

"What is it now Ronald?"

"Why the wicked woes of witchcraft have fallen unto me! I surely must be cursed for how else could unjust and unfair treatment encounter one such as I?"

"…Jesus, here we go…"

"To have been all but forced to make this wretched, withering journey, with nothing but my wits and the clothes on my back! Surely, one such as I would not have to undergo such back breaking labour?"

"Ronald, we've been walking for five minutes, and you never had to come, you could have stayed home with Ma."

"Ha! To have stayed home with mother! Surely you jest Jacob! To have stayed would have been to die! Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned!"

"Do you know what that means Ronald? No one has 'scorned' Mum, we both know it was Mum who left Dad."

"Quiet young Jacob. You have not known Mother as long as I, you surely do not knows that ways of her heart as well as I!"

"Ronald you're two minutes older than me, it doesn't make that much difference."

"Shush peasant! Let us continue on our quest for glory, gold and women!"

"We're just going to the market Ron. That's it."

As the two young strapping knights continued on their quest for eggs and milk, little did they know of the Evil that would fall unto them, and threaten everything they worked so hard to achieve.

"Come on Ronald. The marked is just over there. Like two blocks away."

"Oh heavens no! I have been on this journey for so long, to be reduced to this state, when our goal is so near! Please young brother, grant me this one wish. Continue on, fulfill our quest and don't look back, don't mourn me, until it is….finished."

"Ronald…I don't know what to say…except….you're an idiot."

As Ronald was looking deep within himself, searching for the insult that would keep him in character, the duo were beseeched by a frightening monster of epic proportions!

"Oi, dweebs, give us ya' money aye? I'm hungry and I's knows that ya got some of that cash yeh?"

"Crap, 8th graders. RUN Ronald!!"

As the brave duo were approached by Ogres of the 8th magnitude, they knew they were outmatched, and so, ordered a tactical retreat. With great strength and skill, they retreated with haste, outrunning their illiterate foes.

"My word Jacob, it seems we have survived a tremendous occasion, wouldn't you say old chum?"

"Ron, that's not even the same time period, that's like Sherlock Holmes speech."

"Oh, well…..indubitably."


The End – or as Reuben wrote – To Be Continued….. (based on true events)

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